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Brake Pad Finishing Machines

Thickness Grinder BP/TG/EC/150

Brake Pad Finishing Machines,Brake Lining Finishing Machines,Multi Spindle Drilling Machines,Automations Characters
Horizontal grinding spindle.
Manual loading.
High volume production machine.
Electrical belt conveyor feeding.
Continuous automatic machining.
Single cut and double cut provision.
Infinitely variable feed conveyor - Optional
LVDT for thickness setting - optional
No fixture required.
Maximum length of the component - 150mm
Clamping - Permanent magnet
Spindle power - 5Hp - 3,000 Rpm
Diamond wheel - Dai 200mm x 150mm width
Conveyor belt - 6mm thick and 150mm width
Total connected power - 6HP
Vertical slide stroke - manual - 50mm
Floor space - L - 1500mm (approx)
W -1100mm(approx)
H- 2000mm(approx)
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